Your utilities under control

HVAC - energy recovering

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning are all techniques mastered and implemented by Emphase. The combined approach of these three techniques will allow you to reach the desired level of comfort while optimizing the energy costs.

Based on the functionalities desired by the customer and the volumes of the buildings envisaged, Emphase offers global energy solutions for insulation, process and production of heat, cold and electricity (possibly combined). The studies carried out will also allow quantification of future consumption using simulation tools. Based on its vast experience, Emphase will be able to compare different energy scenarios and recommend the optimal solution that gives you optimum comfort combined with the most accurate ROI.

In some specific sectors, Emphase can also offer thermal recovery units with or without an integrated heat pump, for optimal use of the energy deployed.

Electricity / Relighting

From production to MV / LV substation, from the general panels to all the divisional panels, Emphase's mastery of all aspects of the management and distribution of electrical energy will allow you to have a global vision on your electrical installation and on the optimization of it.

In a desire to optimize costs and resources Emphase also implements comprehensive demand-side management programs. These programs make it possible to regulate the consumption of electrical energy according to the needs and the availability thereof.

Emphase will also enable you to implement an active energy management policy, by taking charge of rigorous management of your facilities, by identifying possible improvements through energy audits and by proposing investments to improve the energy performance of your facilities. equipment and your buildings.

In addition, the lighting management systems offered by Emphase, or even a partial or complete relighting of your facilities, will also allow you to achieve substantial energy savings while providing increased comfort to users.

Flows management

In your building, your industry, many flows flow. From water to gas to waste, these various networks are of paramount importance for the smooth running of your business.

Based on its expertise, Emphase will offer a global management of these, allowing you to optimize availability and reduce the economic and environmental impact.

The return time of the envisaged solutions and their environmental impact will be among the priorities taken into account. Similarly, Emphase will pay particular attention to the reuse of energy losses in order to increase the performance of energy transformation, for all flows.

In a technical as well as improvement of the comfort and the quality of life, Emphase will propose you a specific approach for the measurement and the improvement of the air quality, in the respect of the standards in force.

Application specific sensors

To best evaluate the performance of your facilities, identify priority consumers, you must have accurate and relevant records. The measurement of the energy performance by counting is essential in order to correct the firing eventually and to make sure of the real return on investments of the solutions put in place.

Thanks to its expertise in the measurement of many different parameters and in the implementation of specific sensors, Emphase offers complete solutions from the installation of counters in tables to online management tools consumptions. It will also measure, for example, by infra-red thermography to measure the temperature of a targeted object remotely and without contact, or by autonomous wireless sensors in the least accessible or totally isolated locations.

For measurements over longer distances, or all the continuity of a process, you will have specific sensors specially developed by Emphase, able to reconcile measurements via optical fiber and measurements via fieldbus.

Automation and BMS

Process automation is fundamental in building management, infrastructure and industries, and is even essential in the process of continuous improvement of energy performance.

Emphase offers you a centralized technical management (GTC / BMS), and this in the broad sense of the possibilities of automation, ranging from HVAC systems (boiler, cold production, ventilation, ...) to some more specific applications such as the monitoring of the level of carbon monoxide in car parks through the coupling of cogeneration systems, all integrated into user-friendly and personalized dashboards.

EMPHASE can also assist you in the implementation of a computer-aided maintenance management (CMMS), to trace the evolution of your infrastructure and to plan in an orderly manner the necessary interventions.

The architectures implemented to implement the various solutions are multiple and depend on the means present on site. They can implement a local gateway which will serve as a conversion platform between the field protocols (Modbus RTU, BACNET MSTP, ...) and the upper layers of communication with a SCADA or a management software of consumption (MODBUS TCP / IP, BACNET TCP / IP, ...). For sites without network access, 3G solutions are implemented.

CHP plants and renewable energy

In its process of optimizing the performance of your equipment, Emphase offers you specific solutions according to your needs and your sector.

In this approach to increase the overall efficiency and maximum use of available energy, Emphase will be able to offer you, for example, the installation of medium power cogeneration units (<500 kWe) and the integration of these to your traditional boiler plant, from engineering to online monitoring and daily operation through the specifications, site monitoring and commissioning.

Also active in the field of renewable energies, Emphase will also allow you to link the different traditional modes of production and alternative modes such as wind, solar, ... the calculation of the ROI of them to the on-site installation.

Finally, energy storage solutions available for use of the latter at lower cost or in the form of backup power may also be considered.