The company

Photo FrédéricFounded in 2003 by Frédéric Musin, the company Emphase initially focused on energy and environmental audits. From 2008, it started moving towards higher value-added missions to become, from 2010, a HVAC design and automation company. Its offering ranges from study and system design, to management, installation and operational maintenance of HVAC and automation equipment.

Today, Emphase is a company specialized in the optimization of technical and financial resources of buildings, infrastructures and processes. It analyzes and reduces energy costs and those of other flows (water, gas, air, waste) while providing comfort and optimum security to users.

Emphase is active in the building sector, hotels, but also in the infrastructure and industrial sectors. In Belgium and in Europe. It is also part of the smart buildings approach, in the trend of smart cities.

Emphase regularly enriches its products / services offer. Schneider Electric and SIEMENS have chosen Schneider Electric as a development partner for its automation systems. The company is also certified for the distribution and installation of Schneider Electric Struxureware equipment. 

Relying on its R&D department, Emphase develops new solutions, based on innovative technologies. The latest of the proposed specific sensors is a sensor based on fiber optic technology. This sensor, unique on the market, allows a double measurement of the temperature, via a measurement of a very small variation of the temperature over long distances and via a specific measurement of the absolute temperature in several points, distributed on a bus. The first measurement is done via an optical fiber, following a principle patented by Emphase.

In addition, Frédéric Musin is active in the training of young academics. He also inspires his team to learn and innovate while respecting the environment.